Ultra Board Honeycomb Structure

The Ultra Board range of display panels are lightweight and cost effective, perfect for digital printing and screen printing. 


Ultra Board has been created based on the well-established Dufaylite honeycomb structure. Made from recycled paper and materials, these amazing light weight boards have incredible strength, great eco-friendly qualities and are highly versatile. Available in a large range of sizes and thickness.

Ultra Board Graphic

Ultra Board Graphic is an ideal, light weight, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable alternative to rigid and foam PVC, and can be used for a myriad of applications including:

Ultra Board 3D

Ultra Board 3D is made with smaller honeycomb cells to increase the strength of the board. It is an ideal, light weight alternative to Corrugated centred boards, rigid and foam PVC, MDF or plywood and can be used for various applications including:

Ultra Board Polyprop

Ultra Board Polyprop is made from 100% Polypropylene including the facings and honeycomb. It is an ideal alternative to Aluminium composite panels, rigid and foam PVC and can be used for moisture resistant & long lasting applications, normally exposed to the elements, including:

Card Edging

Card Edging is used to give the Ultra Board panels the perfect professional finish and quality appearance. Card Edging are self adhesive and come in 50m rolls, made to suit all board thicknesses.


No special tools required to apply, apart from normal scissors.