EasyLife® Spray & Up

An amazing advance forward. Our new PVC-free, HP certified, digitally printable material eliminates the need for conventional wall covering paste. Simply spray the wall with water, then apply directly.

–  Patent pending adhesive system helps you deliver an amazing decorating experience for everyone
–  Unique structure
–  HP certified media
–  Extensive range of roll lengths, customized for HP machines
–  PVC free
–  Reduces application time by up to 60%, compared to paste-the-wall products
–  Easy to apply, align and re-position
–  Faster clean-up time 


• BR9708SU167D & BR9708SU167D50 have a textured finish (Latex & UV only)
• MA8941SU200D & MA8941SU200D have a smooth coated finish (Eco-solvent, Latex & UV)
• It is a HP approved material, designed for Latex & UV printing 


• Delivers unique design possibilities
• Reduces application time by up to 60%, eliminates use of traditional adhesives, delivering less mess and faster clean up time
• PVC free, requiring no adhesive, only water for application, helping to create a clean environment for end users
• Same on-the-wall performance as current paste-the-wall or paste-the-paper solutions 

Product Application

• Wall needs to be sealed, either painted or at least one coat of primer applied to surface
• Standard spray bottle can be used
• Fill spray bottle with tap water
• Turn nozzle to spray function
• Recommend water to be applied at rate of 100ml per 1 sqm
• Material can be re-positioned and re-alligned during rst 10 minutes 

Product Removal

• When it’s time for a change, the product can be easily removed from the wall in one piece by reapplying water to re-activate the glue.