Banner Ups® BravoTabs are a great new addition to your toolkit for three reasons. First they just as strong as Large Clear PowerTabs, however they are square in shape, so they work great both at corners and along banner edges – a “one size fits all” solution. Unlike, PowerTabs, there is no neck loop, which some customers would cut off if not used. With BravoTabs, there is no need to clip an unused neck loop. Finally, because they are a simpler shape, BravoTabs are easier to make – and that translates to a lower cost. BravoTabs are crystal clear banner tabs, allowing your color graphics to shine through. They are easy to use, versatile, and cost effective!

Stronger Banners are Better Banners!

• New simple shape works great at corners or along edges
• No neck loop for improved appearance
• Fast and easy to install
• Economically priced


BAN 017 Crystal Clear BravoTabs

• Packaging: 4 tabs per sheet; 25 sheets/bag (100)
• 5 bags/case (500)
• Tab Size: 3.875″x 1.875″