Mimaki CG-FXII Series

The Mimaki CG-FXII Series is the top of the line, world standard of multi-cutting plotters. The professional choice, with continuous crop mark detection and accurate tracking. Featuring top of the line build quality, plus super accurate cutting, the CG-FXII is the ideal machine for those with high production needs.
An optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested image, in combination with the automatic adjustment function to obtain precise contour cutting. The machine is available in three sizes: 750mm, 1,300mm and 1,600mm.
  • Cutting area:
    CG-75FXII: 760mm × 51m
    CG-130FXII: 1,300mm x 51m
    CG-160FXII: 1,600mm x 51m