Eurofold 235 SM/SA

Modular folding machine system, Eurofold 235 SM/SA. All models can be supplied with standard, manual folding plates and with simple basic equipment. If the requirements of the user change, the machines can be upgraded and adapted to the new situation at any time. Automatic fold plate adjustment as well as the modern and simple menu-guided control unit of the Eurofold recognise the need to reduce down-time. Recurring jobs can easily be stored in the memory. Suction feeder incorporates deep pile feeder for improved productivity. Available in A3/A2+ models.

Features & Benefits

• Suction Feed
• 2 Folding Plates
• 500 sheet feed table
• 30,000 sheets per hour
• Digital Counter
• Combination Steel and Rubber Rollers
• Paper Size A6 - A3
• Optional Score and Perf Unit Available


Number of Folding Plates

2 or 4, A3 and A2

Minimum Folding Length

• Manual: 20mm with special folding plate
• Automatic (CAF): 20mm with standard folding plate

Maximum Folding Length

Up to 423mm, depending on model

Deflector Bars

• Manual: Accessory
• Automatic (CAF): Integrated

Feeding Systems

• Suction feeder
• Deep pile feeder / side lay register
(Manual model has friction feeder - only for A3)

Delivery Possibilities

• Stream delivery
• Standing delivery

Roller Adjustment

Yes, manually from outside

Cross Fold


Perforation Shafts

Yes, standard

Paper Size

• Min. Paper: 90mm x 120mm, standard
• Max. Paper: 350mm x 650mm (A3), 450mm x 650mm (A2)

Paper Stocks

40 - 240 g/m², depending on paper quality

Folding Performance

Up to 30,000 sheets A4 / hr

Electrical Connection

230V / 50Hz

Electrical Consumption

300W, ohne Kompressor