Automatic Desktop Roll Laminators

GBC Catena 35/65, Roll Laminator
Laminate, Encapsulate & Mount

GBC Catena 35/65

The GBC Catena 35/65 roll laminators have been designed to give you the flexibility to laminate, encapsulate and mount; using a variety of hot and pressure...

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GBC Docuseal 3100, Roll Laminator
Low Cost, High Performance

GBC Docuseal 3100

Low cost, high performance hot shoe roll laminator up to 800mm wide, GBC Docuseal 3100. Ideal for laminating posters, drawings, charts, graphics,...

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NEOLAM 360-AF Automatic Laminator
Built-In Perforation System


Auto feeding roll laminator, NEOLAM 360-AF with adjustable speed and temperature control. Single-sided and double-sided lamination, with decurl bar to...

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