Komfi Delta 3052

The Delta 3052 is a synonym for flexibility, offering the ability to change stock, size and film quickly. This single-sided cost competitive laminator is a fully integrated machine with built-in feeder and separator. The compact design, speed of 35m/min and ease of operation makes it the ideal machine to start in-house lamination.

Features & Benefits

• Automatic feeder with fixed lifting table
• Single action Komfi feeding head
• Automatic sheet overlap control
• Laminating cylinder heated by 3-zones electro-resistance heater
• Polyurethane pressure roller
• Airshaft for film unwinding
• Combined decurling unit (bar and roller)
• Electronically controlled snapping unit
• Snapping unit is controlled pneumatically
• Fixed adjustable unloading table 


Max. Speed of Lamination

35 m/min

Monthly Production Capacity

Suitable for non-stop run

Sheet Dimensions

• Min: 20 x 20cm
• Max: 52 x 74cm

Paper Weight

115-600 g/m² 

Thickness of Laminating Film

24-50 µm

Kind of laminating film

OPP, PET, Nylon

Time of Laminating Roll Warm Up (25-100ºc)

Approx. 3 min

Sheet overlap accuracy (at constant laminating speed)


Machine Dimensions incl. table / stacker (L x W x H)

260cm x 123cm x 143cm / 343cm x 123cm x 143cm