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Pouch Laminators

Neolam 1500
Sleek, Modern, Reliable

NeoLam 1500

The NeoLam 1500 is sleek and modern, designed for reliability and ease of use. This hot & cold laminator is capable of laminating up to A3 sheet size and...
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Neolam 3256, Pouch Laminator
Fast Warm-Up Time

Neolam 3256

User-friendly and efficient A3 pouch laminator, Neolam 3256. This 6-roller machine can operate at a speed of up to 1,460mm/minute, and can handle pouch...

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GBC 3600, Pouch Laminator
Heavy-Duty Metal Construction

GBC 3600 / 4500 Pro

Transform simple pieces into special presentations with the GBC 3600 / 4500 Pro pouch laminators. The GBC 3500 laminates up to A3, with 6 speed settings;...

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Roll Laminators

GBC Catena 35/65, Roll Laminator
Laminate, Encapsulate & Mount

GBC Catena 35/65

The GBC Catena 35/65 roll laminators have been designed to give you the flexibility to laminate, encapsulate and mount; using a variety of hot and pressure...

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NEOLAM 360-AF Automatic Laminator
Built-In Perforation System


Auto feeding roll laminator, NEOLAM 360-AF with adjustable speed and temperature control. Single-sided and double-sided lamination, with decurl bar to...

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GBC Docuseal 3100, Roll Laminator
Low Cost, High Performance

GBC Docuseal 3100

Low cost, high performance hot shoe roll laminator up to 800mm wide, GBC Docuseal 3100. Ideal for laminating posters, drawings, charts, graphics,...

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Celloglazing Machines

Neolam 380 Single Sided Laminator
Single-sided laminator

Neolam 380

This compact and productive celloglazer machine is designed to offer an in-house laminating solution for short-run, on demand digital applications.
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Amiga 36, Celloglazer
Short-run and production laminating system

Komfi Amiga 36

Professional quality lamination for variety of small jobs up to b3 format Unique software features to minimise waste sheets Designed for unattended...

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Amiga 52, Celloglazer
Short-run and production laminating system

Komfi Amiga 52

The Amiga 52 is a flexible laminating machine, capable of processing small-volume jobs as well as middle-volume jobs up to B2 sheet format. Features top...

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Delta 3052, Celloglazer

Komfi Delta 3052

The Delta 3052 is a synonym for flexibility, offering the ability to change stock, size and film quickly. This single-sided cost competitive laminator is a...

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Sagitta, Celloglazer
High-speed production and packaging laminating system

Komfi Sagitta

The Sagitta is an industrial automatic laminator, designed for lamination up to B1 format with speed to 50m/min. It is a robust and reliable solution for on...

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