AJ 3000 Air Jogger

The AJ 3000, anti-static paper jogger is designed for use in company to all kinds of paper-handling. High leveled jogging intensity combined with sharp air-blast assures separation sheet by sheet and accurate alignment of all paper stocks. A unique anti-static-outfit assists for improved aligning of static-loaded sheets, essential for digital prints.

Features & Benefits

• Strong jogging intensity
• Air-knife-sheet separation by integrated air-jets
• Continuous run without interruption
• On demand foot-switch control
• Timer for pre-setting jogging-interval activated by foot pedal


Paper Size

• Min: 125mm x 176mm
• Max: 320mm x 450mm

Loading Capacity

Max: 90mm


Integrated Ionisation Unit

Tilt of Jogging Table

Stepless Adjustable

Jogging Intensity

Stepless from low to strong

Air Separation

Stepless from zero to sharp air-flow


Timer for interval-jogging, permanent joggingl and foot-switch control


200-245 V, 50Hz, 700W

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1090mm x 405mm x 410mm