Duplo 350 - Digital Bookletmaking System

The Duplo 350 Digital Booklet System connects the DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder with the DBM-350 Bookletmaker, creating the perfect medium volume digital finishing solution. The DSF-2200 comes loaded with a number of high-end features including Duplo's own belt suction feed system, front and side air separation, an anti-static device and ultrasonic double feed detection for enhanced feed reliability. It feeds increased paper sizes up to 14" x 20" (or 9.05" x 24" via optional Extension Tray Kit) up to 200 sheets per minute and offers a variety of options including a trail edge air kit, pre-loading kit, and 1D & 2D barcode readers.

Features & Benefits

• Produces up to 3,000 booklets per hour
• Fast and easy changeovers
• Push belt transport system prevents marks and static build up
• Programmable book spine compressor
• Automatic waste removal
• Customizable with optional small booklet, side/corner stitch, and 6-page insert kits
• Collate and stack jobs by adding the optional DCR-ST Cross Stacker


DSC-10/60i Collator

• Number of Bins: 10, 20, 30, 40
• Paper Size: Width: 4.1"-14", Length: 5.8"-24" (width of paper must be within 7.88"-9.05" when paper length is greater than 20")
• Bin Capacity: 2.6"

DBM-350 Bookletmaker

• Corner / Side / Top Stitch Application:
Sheet size: 10.12" x 7.17" - 11.69" x 8.5"
Paper Capacity: Up to 30 sheets
• Signature Bookletmaking Application:
Sheet size: 5.82" x 8.27" - 12.6" x 18.11"
Paper Capacity: Up to 22 sheets
• Speed: up to 3,000 sheets per hour


• Small booklet kit
• Corner/side stitch kit
• 6-page insert kit
• DSS-350 square spine
• DCR-ST cross stacker
• DBM-350T Face Trimmer