The WR-200 multi-functional wire binding machine has a single handle designed for both punching and binding. Equipped with 2 blades for both 2:1 (23 holes) and 3:1 (34 holes) manual punching. Features include a gauge designed for measuring the size of wire, a micro-adjust wire closer and a unique design for wire hanging.

Built for Commercial & Professional

• Equipped 2 blades for both 2:1 (32/34 holes) and 3:1 (32/23 holes) punch
• Binding capacity up to 28mm O-wire
• Unique design for wire hanging
• Micro-adjust wire closer
• Multi-national patents and international certificates
• Powered by electric motor for WR-2500; Manual for WR-200


Punching Capacity

• 3:1 (32/34 holes wire) - 20 sheets
• 2:1 (22/23 holes wire) - 20 sheets
• PVC 0.2mm - 2 sheets

Binding Capacity

O-wire, Max 28mm (250 sheets)

Paper Format Accepted

A4, Letter

Punch & Bind

Operation by one handle bar

Loading of Paper


Punching Mode




Machine Dimensions (B x D x H)

470mm x 445mm x 175mm