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All-In-One, Wire Punch & Binding Machines

GBC WireBind W20, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Punch & Binder

GBC WireBind W20

Ideal for frequent office use, the sturdy and practical GBC WireBind W20 is designed to make manual binding easier. With document separation and auto-...

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GBC WireBind W25E, Binding Machine
Electric Wire Punch & Binder

GBC WireBind W25E

With electronic punching built-in, the GBC WireBind W25E makes wire binding even easier. It has a host of intelligent features, including: document...

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WR-200, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Punch & Binder


The WR-200 multi-functional wire binding machine has a single handle designed for both punching and binding. Equipped with 2 blades for both 2:1 (23 holes)...

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WR-2500, Binding Machine
Electric Wire Punch & Binder


The heavy duty, quality-built WR-2500 office electric wire binding machine has the flexibility of 2:1 (23 holes) and 3:1 (34 holes) formats in the same...

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CW-4500 Binding Machine
Wire & Comb, Punching & Binding Machine


Quadient brings the elegant, powerful and multi-functional dual-binding system CW-4500. Built for commercial and professional use, these...

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Neobind 320 Heavy Duty Electric Wire Closer
Wire Closing System Machine

Neobind 320

Electric binding capability improve efficiency in wire binding process. Automatic detection of wire size eliminates the need to manually set the machine...

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