GBC MP2500iX

Binding doesn't get any simpler! The GBC Modular Punch MP2500iX is an interchangeable die punch designed with productivity and versatility in mind. Choose from eight different die sets that easily slide into place without the need of tools or locking levers, to change your punching style. Stack any Modular bind station on top for space saving and one-operator use, or separate for greater productivity.

The MP2500ix has a high capacity electric punching capability of 16,000 sheets per hour and the open-ended punch throat utilizes gravity to align various sheet sizes.

With any busy office you need a binding machine to be ultra quiet and thanks to the efficient motor the MP2500iX punches so quietly causing fewer disruptions to any work environment than other high volume binding machines.

Powerful office punching

• Interchangable die sets (sold separately) for ultimate versitility
• Electric push-button or foot-pedal operation
• Automatic reverse to prevent paper jams
• Adjustable paper alignment guide
• Open ended throat for punching odd-sized sheets
• Extra-large drawer for paper chips
• Up to 16,000 sheets per hour; 1.5 second punch cycle.
• Punches books as small as 4". Punches books as large as 11.7" (A4) for all patterns; Open-ended throat design accepts longer sheet sizes in 2 punching passes.


Method of Operation

Foot pedal or palm switch

Sheet Size

10cm - 30cm (A4) for all patterns; open-ended design accepts longer sheet sizes in two punching passes


16,000 sheets/hour

Machine Weight

23.6 kg

Package Weight

28.6 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

406mm x 171mm x 445mm

Power Requirements

230V / 50Hz / 1.1 amps



Spine Compatibility & Sheet Capacity

• Color Coil - 20 sheet punching capacity
• CombBind - 25 sheet punching capacity
• ZipBind - 25 sheet punching capacity
• WireBind - 22 sheet punching capacity
• ProClick - 20 sheet punching capacity
• SureBind - 29 sheet punching capacity
• Loose-lead (3-5-7 / 2-4) - 25 sheet punching capacity