Hole Punchers & Closers

Hole Punchers & Finishers

GBC MP2500iX, Hole Punching Machine
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

GBC MP2500iX

Binding doesn't get any simpler! The GBC Modular Punch MP2500iX is an interchangeable die punch designed with productivity and versatility in mind. Choose...

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NeoBind 989 Heavy Duty Punch
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

NeoBind 989

Electric punching capability improve eciency in the punching process which normally is the main bottleneck in binding of books. One machine that can punch...

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GBC MP2000 W3, Binding Machine
Moderate-Duty Punch Machine

GBC MP2000 W3

The MP2000 series offer a compact, easy to use, quick setup and reliable punching solution in the three main punch patterns. Taking away all the...

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GBC MC12, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Bind Closer


Creating impressive Twin Loop Wire Bound documents with the GBC MC12 Wire Closer can be completed in just three easy steps!

Now, your documents not...

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Magnapunch Pro
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

GBC Magnapunch Pro

Meet the all-new Magnapunch™ Pro. This powerful interchangeable die punch is the fastest in the industry and delivers unparalleled reliability and...

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Heavy-Duty Closer

NeoBind 320

Ranging from corporate office, schools, council, copy shop and many more.

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