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Jimmy Nguyen, Product Manager for Print Finishing at Neopost Australia, has good news for printers who need to grow their business

Neopost Australia has announced the launch of what it calls world’s smallest closed tank PUR system, the Duplo PFi2000 PUR perfect Binder, alongside another new solution, the PFi6000 DUO.

Jimmy Nguyen, product manager for Print Finishing at Neopost Australia, has extensive experience in print finishing. In his 10 years at Neopost, he has filled a number of roles including that of technical specialist.

He says, “these machines feature beautiful design; robust quality; and economical and automated operations. These machines make an ideal solution for printers who want to grow their businesses; produce high value jobs’ increase productivity; reduce cost; and to delight their customers.

“The Duplo PFi2000 PUR is a single clamp easy to use perfect binder. The Patented Orbital PUR System combines precision and accuracy and cost-effective operation.”

Productivity for Duplo PFi2000 PUR rounds out at a cycling speed of 290 cycles per hour and it offers a start-up time of less than 20 minutes. Nguyen adds that the cleaning time will take less than five minutes at the end of the day or shift. He says, “This is a great feature to have as it can take between 30-45minutes to clean an open tank solution.

“The Duplo PFi2000 PUR is designed to open up new markets in Australia, not least because of its low price, small size, ease of use, and high quality. It makes an ideal companion for small to medium size digital printers, copy shops, quick printers, and corporate in-plants and it fits perfectly in our Digital Business Solution range.

Nguyen Advises that companies wanting to minimize waste in their PUR book production process will want to take a closer look at these machines. He says, “It is a fact that you will minimise wastage. With an open tank, the glue can’t be used once it has been exposed to the air because it will not bond anymore. However, with a closed tank meaning no exposure to the air, you can easily achieve minimal waste because you do not need to throw away any PUR glue once you have completed a job. With multiple short runs, those kinds of costs can really add up, so the savings with this closed tank system become quite significant in a short space of time.”

The Duplo PFi6000 DUO comprises single lamp fully automatic easy to use perfect binders that produce up to 350 books an hour and have a cycling speed of 600 cycles per hour , as well as featuring complete automation with in-line scoring, and cover feeding as standard. The 6000 series features the PFi6000 DUO and PFi6000 PUR. The PFi6000 DUO enables the operator to select between PUR or EVA for side gluing whereas the PFi600 PUR uses PUR only.

Nguyen says, “The 6000 can bind anything and everything with ease. Professional binding has never been so easy. The PFi6000 series binders offer the ideal solution for a printer who has litho and digital presses and is producing high to mid volume productions runs. The DUO is specially designed for printers who need options. Like its smaller brother, the cleaning time on the PFi600 Series is less than five minutes at the end of the day or shift.

“Both the new binders work as plug and play machines. Just turn them on and you are ready to go. They have simple, easy to use touch screens, which helps for an easy set-up. Non-skilled operators can quickly become quite proficient running these machines.”

Sourced: Australian Printer Magazine September 2016