Neopost customers - Dynamic Digital


The Gold Coast and Tweed area has seen three major Duplo finishing installations from Neopost in a short time, all different and tailored to each printer’s specific needs. Here Paul Wadsworth and Mark Colman of Dynamic Digital Print tell why they went with Neopost in the second installment of the safari.

“Business is definitely looking up,” says Mark Colman, co-owner of Tweed Heads trade printer Dynamic Digital Print. “There were some tough times after the GFC but it feels like the whole business community is more positive now than a couple of years ago. We’re very happy with how our business has gone over the last 12 months.”

Dynamic recently added a Multigraf CF375 creaser-folder to compliment its Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser and Duplo DBM-150 digital booklet maker.

The Multigraf CF375, purchased in May, can fold and score up to a one-metre long sheet in one pass, and up to 5,000 sheets an hour. The Duplo DBM-150 digital booklet maker, bought last year, automatically feeds up to 2,400 sets an hour – folding, stitching and trimming. Duplo’s DC-645 slits, cuts and creases digital colour output with up to six slits, 15 cuts and 10 creases possible in one pass.

Based in Tweed Heads for ten years, the lean, three-person Dynamic operation moved last September into bigger premises in Tweed Heads South. Neopost supplied all three finishing systems and Masson says they’ve given Dynamic an edge in the market.



                                                    Duplo  DBM-150                               Duplo DC-645                                         Multigraf CF75

“A big percentage of their clients are other printers who either have a smaller digital machine that can’t handle certain stocks or jobs, or have finishing requirements that they might not have the capacity for, or they’re offset printers who might not have the digital capability. They have very quick turnaround times and real consistency in their quality,” he says.

Colman describes the Duplo machines as compact and cost-effective:

“We can now get so much printed and finished without having to get tied down in any one area of production. The thing we are really happy with is the way that jobs can literally come off the press, then you step two metres to the machine that finishes it, then one metre to the machine that can fold it, score it or whatever. You don’t need a lot of room but you can get a lot done.”

“The efficiency is really what works for us because you can have someone load it up then go and do other jobs while it’s actually doing the whole process for you. It’s basically like having another staff member and it has really sped things up. We’re set up for digital short run jobs, so up to 5,000 DLs, 5,000 A5s, 3,000 A4s, a couple of thousand A3s. So it’s basically fliers in those sorts of quantities and these machines have really helped that kind of work.”

Co-owner Paul Wadsworth says the newly streamlined operation is turning over larger volumes with fewer staff. “Less staff, less problems,” he jokes. “Duplo has given us a distinct advantage in terms of speed. Most of our business is trade and we do very little off-the-street retail. We can probably turn around a job way faster than the printer themselves, even if they have their own digital capability. We can get it done and couriered to them faster than they can do it themselves.”