Duplo increases automation - INK ON PAPER


The Duplo 600i booklet maker allows an Adelaide company to offer end-to-end print solutions

Locally owned and operated Ink on Paper installed a Duplo 600i booklet maker from Neopost in February. Greg Dawes, managing director at Ink on Paper, says the company had to consider its present and future needs before purchasing the Duplo bookletmaker.
He says, “We see the main difference between this, and similar machines, is that the Duplo offers air separation for each individual hopper feed. It doesn’t rely on suckers or one pump on the floor. Digital printing equipment creates static and you need to be able to have air separation adjustments, to address that issue.” The Duplo 600i offers other features that Ink on Paper can capitalise on. He says, “You can insert loose leaves into booklets, stitch up to 30 sheets of 80gsm. Versatility in booklet production size was a significant decision driver for the purchase. The 660i bookletmaker can produce A4 landscape booklets and something smaller than A6.

The company, which employs eight staff, finishes its own work and also work for other companies. He says, “I see that as an opportunity in the South Australia marketplace. We have done half a dozen jobs for other printers already. We have got them in and out on time and the quality has been excellent so far. “After the February installation, we gave it quite a reasonable workout in April. It didn’t miss a beat. It just ran and ran. It is a solid machine and fully automated. For example, you can store particular jobs in a library. Later on, you can recall that job and the machine will makeready itself and away you go.” Automation holds the key to more efficient production. Dawes says, “We don’t need multiple people available to run the machine. It completes minute adjustments on staple and fold placement, the trim; all on the run. You can run the machine with one operator. In printing, if you need to buy a piece of equipment, you need to remove unskilled labour out of your business. Of course, you have to upskill people on the machine as well but that didn’t take long at all, with the new machine.” He sees automated machinery as essential to the business’s future. He says, “The future of printing is shorter runs and a lot more personalised print, so we invested in a machine that has the ability to handle that. We can put a digital barcode machine on the back of the Duplo and it will know how that operates. Once again, that is part of the intelligence it has and that is where the market is going. “People are now printing multiple versions of the same job, for example we have a real estate client that prints just 50 copies of various booklets at a time. While some companies will continue to do long runs, we will see more people doing multi-tasking shot runs. Being able to manage this type of work has definitely given the business an opportunity to generate more revenue.” The company has strong relationships with graphic designers and advertising and marketing agencies across Adelaide.

Dawes has worked at PMP, finishing there as general manager in South Australia. In 2007, after taking a year off print, he found himself lured back into the industry. He received an approach from some friends who knew of a small print shop that had gotten itself into debt. He says, “I looked at a business that was losing money and its directors wanted out. We took on the machines and $750,000 debts.” Since then, he steadily built the business back up. He says, “We have purchased other equipment to complement our five-colour press and GTO; we have moved into digital printing.” Success has not come accidentally. He says, “We have had to change our workflow and change our work mix. You can’t sit back and think it might get better in six months’ time. We have upskilled and multi-skilled the staff members. This forms an important part of our business strategy. Businesses that can’t do that can find times tough in this environment of boom and bust. You need to be able to manage the up and down work. “The days of steady work all the time are gone. We get jobs where they come in today and they want it tomorrow. In that respect, the Duplo bookletmaker from Neopost helps us to react to the market needs. It gives us control of the output and the quality, both of which are the two fundamental ingredients for a successful business and happy customers.”

Duplo 600i Digital Booklet System

Sourced: Australian Printer June 2016