The Best way to Engage Your Customers

The Best Way to Engage Your Customers


A business can have thousands of customers and while they can be categorised into a few demographics, for example by gender, age or location, that doesn’t mean that their needs are the same. Individual consumers want to feel special, they don’t want to simply be a number on a spreadsheet.

Businesses Prioritise Their Own Communications Needs

An area where it’s incredibly easy to alienate customers is communications. All too often, businesses prioritise their own needs, choosing the channel that is easiest to manage and cheaper. Physical mail is replaced by mass-email correspondence as it means the send button only has to be pressed once and it doesn’t generate postage costs.

The issue is, this approach doesn’t suit all customers who are increasingly communicating across multiple channels. From physical mail, to email and social media, individuals don’t want to be limited to one channel, they want to use the one that is most convenient at that time and best suits the message being conveyed. When businesses force customers to communicate in one way, they become annoyed and shop elsewhere – the choice must be provided.

Personalisation Shows Consideration

Another way to show your customers that their individual requirements are being considered and that you’re engaged in the relationship is through personalisation. Yet, completing this manually usually involves editing individual documents and then coordinating them to go via a specific channel – it’s time consuming and prone to errors.

In order to fulfil this need, businesses can streamline communications with the help of multichannel output management software. Such tools learn the preferences of each customer and can automatically personalise and distribute each item of correspondence via the most effective channel.

The need for human interference is greatly reduced, saving time and money, and businesses can be sure the right message is reaching the right customer via the right channel – it’s a win win.

Four Ways Organisations Benefit from Multichannel Output Management Tools

  • Personalised, professional communications sent via the right channel – helps to engage customers and build loyalty and relationships 
  • Full communications integrity – the right correspondence always reaches the right recipient
  • No more time consuming mundane tasks – printing, folding and inserting can be completed with just a few clicks
  • Cheaper postal costs through batching – items that do have to be sent physically are batched in order to keep costs low