Our Company

We offer easy-to-use customer communication technologies and solutions for Mailing, Print Finishing and Large Format Printing solutions.

Quadient (formerly Neopost Australia Pty Ltd and GBC Fordigraph Pty Ltd) is a global technology company and the recognised market leader in Business Mailing and Document Finishing Solutions with a reputation for quality, reliability and service. Quadient provides equipment, supplies, service and in-house finance within the Australian market.

Quadient is a subsidiary of The Quadient Group; based in Paris, France. Quadient, the European leader and world's leading provider of mailroom equipment and logistics solutions; supplies the most technologically advanced solutions for franking, folding/inserting, addressing, tracking and tracing of letters, parcels and of the supply chain. Quadient anticipates the needs of its sector and its customers by bringing new services and technological innovation to the market, with products and services marketed in 90 countries and subsidiaries in 29 countries.

Quadient's head office is located in Regents Park, Sydney. We have branches nationwide in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide; along with authorised dealers in Northern Territory, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Quadient is highly committed to providing Business Mailing, Print Finishing, Large Format and Digital Solutions that suit specific organisational needs. We look forward to being your first choice as a solutions provider. We trust you enjoy the visit to our website and we look forward to welcoming you again soon.

Solution Providers for Multichannel Communications and Parcel Management

From opening your letters, to metering your mail, to enticing your customers to read your communications; Quadient, along with it's new service offering Neoplus, can help you at every stage of the business communication management process.

Our document management and data quality tools help you manage communication from creation to delivery and receipt – allowing you to better target existing and new customers.

Our state-of-the art Graphics solutions make it easy for enterprises to produce professionally printed materials. We give you access to an array of wide-format print technology and print finishing equipment. So if you are in the print business you need to talk to Quadient.

We help retailers and enterprises at every stage of the parcel delivery process. From making your packages as small as possible, to choosing the right carrier and keeping track of where your orders are.  And we’re even looking at new ways to make deliveries more convenient for your customers.


International Reach and Local Presence

Quadient's network of partners and subsidiaries spans the globe and, thanks to our decentralised structure, each entity has considerable autonomy. This means subsidiaries can use their local knowledge to adapt products and services to each country’s regulations and environmental standards. From postage machines to customer information management, our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of both your market and your business.

Bringing People Together

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that people are the key to business success. While technology makes life easier, human interactions drive business forward. That’s why our products and services are designed to help people work together, faster and more efficiently. And, by facilitating stronger relationships, we can help you do better business.

Supporting You Every Step of The Way

Technical Support and Training

From making sure our solutions are installed correctly to training everyone who’s going to use them, we’re always on hand to help. We have a global presence with local support networks throughout the world. Our dedicated experts are only a phone call away. They will also visit your location at your convenience.

Help When You Need It

Our help centers and Quadient teams are available to give you technical backup and perform ongoing and preventative maintenance. We’ll also ensure that postal rates are updated quickly. And you can rely on the fact that we will have all the supplies you need for your equipment when you want them.

Tailor‑Made Advice

When you choose Quadient, you get a trusted business advisor. This means we won’t just sell you things. We’ll give you advice on how to improve your document output and become more cost effective. We’ll help you define your processes and provide you with all the hardware, software and services you need.

Financial Flexibility

Quadient gives you all the financial support you need. Just talk to your personal Quadient point of contact about anything you need. We have a range of financial solutions that we can tailor to your situation, no matter if you are small or global organisation.