Utilising a flatbed table and digital cutting technology, the NeoCut-0806 Digital Die Cutter produces short-run packaging, custom-shaped cards and labels without physical dies required. The NeoCut-0806  cuts, kiss cuts, scores and perforates a range of substrates including paper, laminates, adhesives and synthetic stocks up to 800 x 600 mm in size and up to 600 gsm. It’s an affordable and versatile solution for prototyping your designs and sample productions.

Features & Benefits

No Dies Required

Utilising the DPC Controller software, the triple tooling head follows the lines sketched on the cut file to finish applications into any shape desired. Media is held in place on the flatbed through a suction zone below the conveyor belt as the tooling head moves throughout the sheet. The NeoCut-0806 comes included with four cutting tools and a scoring wheel, and up to 3 tools can be added in the tooling head. Set them to cut intricate shapes, kiss cut labels and stickers, and score fold lines to avoid toner cracking on packaging and folded pieces.

Easy Job Preparation

Create the cut file in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW to define the cuts, kiss cuts, scores and perforations desired. Export the cut file in DXF, PLT or HPG format then upload and save it on the DPC Controller software (PC sold separately). Prepare the printed artwork file by adding registration marks on each corner of the sheet for accuracy as well as a QR code to instantly retrieve the cut file when scanned. Job preparation functions, including the application of registration marks and QR code, can be automatically performed using Fiery JobFlow. This EFI integration enables you to create a timesaving workflow that reduces errors and downtime.


Automated Operation

With a stack height of 100 mm, the NeoCut-0806 maintains its productivity. Each sheet is vacuum fed with the air knife aiding in separation. The feed tray elevates as sheets are fed and it can be reloaded without interrupting operation.


Feeder Capacity

Up to 100 mm

Sheet Separation

Air powered, variable jet stream separation

Feeding System

Vacuum feed with clamps mounted on gantry

Max. Sheet Size

800 mm x 600 mm

Min. Sheet Size

210 mm x 297 mm


Cut through knife, kiss cut knife, double scoring wheel, oscillation cutting tool


Tungsten steel


12-45 seconds per SRA3 sheet (depending on design complexity)

Max. Cutting Speed

1,200 mm/ second

Cutting Thickness

Up to 6 mm

Cutting Tolerance

± 0.1 mm

Software (platform)

DPC Controller (Require PC with Window 10 or 7, i3 Processor or higher, 4GB Ram or more, 1 Ethernet port, 1 port, 1 available PCIe 1X or 16X)

File Format




Camera Registration System

CCD registration system


240V 50Hz 20A




3200 mm x 1100 mm x 1100 mm