Quadient DS85, Folder Inserter

The Quadient DS85 folder inserter is a powerful, modular machine that can adapt to your growing business needs. You can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected should your applications change or evolve over time. The DS85 can support all types of mail folding applications.

Features & Benefits

• Automatically Adapting to Your Needs 
• Smart Solutions to Maximise Mailroom Productivity 
• The flexible solution for every mailroom 
• The Manual Feed Mode Automates Processing by Hand 
• Create your own professional looking mail piece 
• Adapt Your System to Your Needs 
• Special Feeders for Expanding Needs 
• MaxiFeeder for Substantial Needs 



Up to 4,000 envelopes per hour

Feeder & Document

Number of Sheet Feeders: Up to 6 feeders
Document Feeder  apacity: 725 sheets; 80gsm
Document Height: 90 - 356 mm
Document Width: 130 - 230 mm

Envelope Sizes

Length: 90 - 162 mm
Width: 160 - 248 mm
Envelope Feeder Capacity: 325 envelopes

Machine Dimensions (L x H x D)

Base (6 stations)
1820mm x 925 mm x 420 mm