ONYX Hub software is a business intelligence tool with a browser-based dashboard that provides easy-to-understand, smart data across your entire site, enabling you to make better business decisions. With up-to-the-minute and historic ink and media waste reporting, you can better understand your costs, diagnose inefficiencies in your production and maximize profitability.

Features and Benefits

• Entire site visibility both today and over time
• Real-time print production data from the ONYX Print Data Platform
• Browser-based dashboard showing printer, job and station production data
• Single view of entire print production site
• Reprints / reworks of actual vs expected prints
• Use dynamic reporting to help identify production bottlenecks
• Historical job reports
• Trending information for printed jobs, ink usage and media waste
• Reports by job, RIP station and printer
• Ink usage and media waste reporting
• Easy to use and navigate intuitive interface
• Easy access production manager to submit jobs and manage printing
• Quick and easy to install and set up without disrupting production
• Visibility into production environment to better understand costs
• Platform based on actual job data
• Identify inefficiencies in your print production
• One portal to understand production without visiting each station or device
• Make production workflow adjustments on the fly

Minimum System Requirements

Operation System

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit or newer (32-bit not supported)


Multi-core processor


8 GB minimum (4GB / core recommended)

Hard Drive

500GB (7200rpm) (250GB+ free space)


1280 x 1024