ONYX Thrive

ONYX Thrive™ software is a full featured, scalable PDF workflow solution based on the Adobe® PDF Print Engine and optimized for superior performance for all sizes of print providers. ONYX software combines the proven Onyx Graphics technology platform with innovative tools and enhancements that simplify color printing workflow, improves output predictability, and increases shop profitability.

Predictability, Performance, Scalability

• Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 with Adobe® Normalizer
• Easy recalibration tool
• Built in Pantone Plus®, RAL, and HSK® colour libraries
• Automated and manual named spot colour replacement
• White and specialty ink tools
• Job Editor tool which includes colour managed previews
• Recognised as a G7 Support Tool
• Quick Sets™ and unlimited hot folders
• RIP-and-Print on the fly while RIPPING multiple files simultaneously
• Smart 16-bit™ processing
• Multi-Page PDF splitting
• Automated nesting with rotation
• Automated or custom tiling
• Printer pooling with automated allocation of print jobs
• Automated print-and-cut workflow
• Robust cut path management tools
• Unlimited Thrive Production Manager

• Network based site licensing
• Distributable workflow modules
• Add processing and printing capabilities independently 

Minimum System Requirements

Operation System

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit or newer (32-bit not supported)


Multi-core processor


8 GB minimum (4 GB / core recommended)

Hard Drive

Multiple Hard Drives
• 1 dedicated system drive
• 1 dedicated drive for ONYX
Thrive (500+ GB free space)

Network Connectivity