ONYX Site Solutions

Onyx Graphics recognizes that modern print shops need solutions that will increase their production and revenue, lower their costs, and increase shop e ciency in order to compete. ONYX SiteSolutions is a unique approach to giving business owners accurate information about their jobs, costs and productivity across their entire site.

Features and Benefits

Print Production
• One RIP technology for the entire site
• Color tools for site-wide control
• 64-bit platform built for speed

Workflow Connectors
• Automated job submission
• Workflow integration
• Open architecture

Smart Data
• Real-time production information
• Dynamic production reporting
• ONYX Print Data Platform


Incorporated Products

ONYX Thrive

Built for speed on an all 64-bit platform across RIP and applications, ONYX Thrive is the only truly scalable print workflow solution that grows with your business. This end-to-end PDF workflow solution with scalable RIPS and printers includes automation from digital file submission through color management, printing and cutting.

ONYX Connect & ONYX SwitchConnect

ONYX Connect provides a simple, open developer interface connecting existing business tools directly with ONYX software. Business owners can create efficient streamlined workflows from job set up to print.


Onyx Graphics has taken a unique approach to bring real-time data for your entire site. ONYX Hub utilizes data from our innovative print data platform for real-time print production data, ink/media  reporting, and job histories, so that business owners can make better decisions to increase profitability.