Ergosoft RIP Version 15

ErgoSoft RIP brings highest productivity, quality control and a broad variety of color, production controlling and automation tools to your printing facility. Combining all the benefits of ErgoSoft TexPrint, PosterPrint and StudioPrint, ErgoSoft RIP is one strong solution addressing all the different applications in the wide ranging market of digital printing and RIP Software.

High-fidelity RIP software solution for the digital printing industry.


JobComposer Essential
• The JobComposer Essential offers best printing output and whole slew of different features for job editing.
• It is ideal for applications with less complicated requirements while still producing the best printing results.

JobComposer Production
• The JobComposer Production is the perfect tool for the most demanding and difficult areas of digital printing.
• The long feature list fulfills nearly every desire and includes functions to optimise colour results, workflow and productivity.


• ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 includes eight simultaneous RIP Servers to enable a fast production workflow.
• The ErgoSoft RIP Startup Manager allows a precise organisation of the available ripping power
• Easily adjust how many RIPServers are required and if a RIPServer should be dedicated to a specific PrintClient to eliminate production bottlenecks

Drivers & PrintClients

• Each PrintClient represents one physical printer or cutter featuring easy to use queue management, production control and device maintenance.
• Manage production queue
• Full control over job details
• JobPreview
• Online, manual or offline modes
• Create and schedule Maintenance jobs

ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 JobComposer Editions

ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer Essential Edition

- JobComposer
- Image Add-Ons
- Image Editing Tools
- Print Environment Features
- Repeat Print (Print without Gap)
- Shrinkage Features
- Tiling
- Cut Basic
- ErgoSoft RIPs
- PostScript® / PDF® Engine

ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer Production Edition

In addition to the 'Essential' features, 'Production' also contains:

- Colourbooks
- Colour Replacement
- HotFolder
- Image Presets
- Job Cost Calculation
- Job Preflight
- Job Processing Policies
- Job Ticket
- Position Templates & Picture Packages
- Quality Control Basic (ColorQPC)
- Separation Print
- User Right Control
- Variable Data Basic
- White & Special Channel
- ColorGPS Profiler

Optional features for both Essential and Production Editions

- ColorGPS Profile Editor
- Step & Repeat
- ColorCombine