Fotoba XLD170

Regardless of any feed misalignment, the XLD170 will automatically re-align itself to the edge of the printed image. If the printer fails to print parallel to the media edge, or if the printer fails to wind up the roll squarely, the XLD170 True Edge Tracking always produces perfectly squared posters.


• Self squaring to the edge of the image (X)
• Automatic tracking of the image edge (Y)
• Max linear speed 18m / 50ft
• Vertical slicers: single, 8mm double or adjustable double
• Adjusting cutting lengths and quantities for media conversion
• Memory channels to store different cut marks
• All mechanisms controlled by stepper motors
• Automatic scanning of the cut marks
• Self sharpening blade system
• Accuracy: X ± 1mm (0.039in) / Y ± 1mm (0.039in)


Max Cutting Width

170cm / 67in

Min Cutting Width

28cm / 11in

Net Weight



281cm x 87cm x 110cm (H)

Shipping Weight


Shipping Dimensions

303cm x 103cm x 145cm (H)