Keencut Javelin Series 2

The unique design allows Keencut technicians to factory adjust for straightness, using laser technology, to within 0.2mm over the 3.1 metre length of the cutter bar (1:15000). The accuracy of the Javelin-Series 2 makes it ideal for cut ng banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cut ng for perfect alignment. 

Supreme accuracy in a portable cutter bar

• Accepts both off-shelf and Keencut designed cutting blades
• Total dust free operation - safe to use near printers and plotters
• Reversible Graphik Blades make the Javeline Series 2 ideal for left-handed or right-handed operators
• Supre grade anodising for lifetime good looks and function
• Full length silicon rubber grip strips ensure all work is clamped and protected when cutting
• Unique 4-section extrusion maintains close straightness even under flex
• Fully equipped and ready to work with blades included
• Using the Surface Mounted Lift & Hold mounts to most bench surfaces
• Patented linear bearings tested under load for 1600km and carry a 20 year replacement guarantee

Product Sizes & Codes


160cm - 64"


210cm - 84"


260cm - 104"