Keencut Evolution E2

Intended to fit any bench, the all new Evolution E2 shares the same outstanding 1:15000 straightness accuracy guarantee of the first generation Evolution and the world renowned Javelin & Javelin Series 2 cutter bar. The unique four piece cutter slideway and torsion bar extrusion combines with the full length base plate to create a cutting machine that will meet the challenges of the most demanding operator and enhance valuable artwork.

Delivering extreme precision, versatility and speed to any workshop.

• Includes three unique Blade Holders to cut a wide variety of materials
• Full length Lift & Hold from either end for easy loading and positioning
• Super grade anodising for lifetime good looks and function
• Switchable cutting tracks for general purpose and textile cutting
• Integral extruded alloy cutting base adjustable for flatness and straightness
• Unique 4-section extrusion maintains close straightness even under flex
• Fully equipped and ready to work with blades included
• Mounts to most bench surfaces via a series of brackets designed to optimise alignment & clamping
• Will cut materials as diverse as flag, banner, card, corrugated plastics, PVC foamboard, foamcore, and more...

Product Sizes & Codes


160cm - 64"


210cm - 84"


260cm - 104"


310cm - 124"


360cm - 144"