On-A-Roll Lifter® Standard Models (2.5m & 5m)

Designed specifically for sign makers and other businesses with the need to handle wide or heavy media rolls. It enables users to quickly and effortlessly lift media as heavy as 660 lbs (300 kg) and as wide as 16 feet 5 inches (5 m), with diameters as great as 15.75 inches (40 cm). The ergonomic pull bar allows users to maneuver around tight corners and through narrow passages.

Save your back, money, time and space

  • Extended nylon safety straps provide leverage to help guide the roll into the trough and ensure materials are secured for transport.
  • Concave trough design of the media tray stabilizes rolls for transport.
  • Foot pump allows for smooth, effortless lifting within minutes.
  • 360° heavy-duty rotating (and locking) casters enable maneuvering through standard doors and narrow passages.
  • Solid steel handle extension provides additional control for the user to maneuver materials in tight spots.
  • 2-year warranty on all wheels, hydraulics and media tray. 5-year warranty on cross bars.


Roll Weight Capacity

61584 : 300kg

61586 : 300kg

Lift Height

61584 : 85cm

61586 : 85cm

Max. Roll Width

61584 : 2.5m

61586 : 5m

Max. Roll Diameter

61584 : 40cm

61586 : 40cm

Width x Depth

61584 : 80cm x 80cm

61586 : 120cm x 80cm


61584 : 119.4cm

61586 : 119.4cm


61584 : 80kg

61586 : 85kg

Bottom Fork Clearance

61584 : 10cm

61586 : 10cm