Duplo PFi Bind 2000 PUR

The PFi BIND 2000 PUR is the world’s smallest closed tank PUR system. It is the ideal solution for a digital printer who wants to grow their business, produce high value jobs, increase productivity, reduce costs and delight their customers.

Ideal for growing businesses

• Designed for short to medium runs
• Quick and easy setup and changeover
• Touch Screen PC controller 
• Automatic book thickness detection for side glue and cover scoring



• Type: Floor Model
• Type of Binding: PUR binding

Book Block

• Binding thickness: 1 to 40 mm
• Minimum size: 90 (length) x 80 (height) mm

Maximum Binding Speed

290 cycle/hour


• Dimensions: 1442mm x 750mm x 1260mm (LxWxH)